Air conditioning and ventilation

«Unico» Construction company offers services on design

and installation of conditioning systems and ventilation in

homes, cottages, offices, industrial premises.

We are ready to offer you installation of different types of

ventilation systems projects.

- Forced ventilation- performs the supply of fresh air into

the room

- Exhaust ventilation- is used for the outflow of air from the


- Forced and exhaust ventilation- combined ventilation

system that ensures maximum efficiency and fresh air.

We are also ready to design a system of air-conditioning,

using various kinds of air conditioners:

- Window air-conditioner

- Duct air-conditioner

- Mobile air-conditioner

- Split-systems

- Industrial air conditioners

Our specialists are always ready to help you with the

choice of a suitable air purification system and advise the

most profitable option for its implementation.



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