Facade works

Facade - visible part of the building, its “face”. Facade

makes first impression about the organization of the company,

which is placed in a building of the cultural level and

material well-being of the owners of private houses and

cottages. The facade of the building - not just wall to save

us from external influences such as cold, precipitation and

noise - the facade has a decorative, aesthetic function.

Specialists of the company «UNICO» are ready to perform

the works on facades in accordance withcustomers’ specifications

in a timely, high quality, at an affordable price. Our

masters will be able to realize any fantasy of architects and


«Unico» Construction company performs the following

types of facade work:

- Structural glazing

- Planar glazing (or spider glazing)

- 5 S system - a combination of structural and planar (spider)


- Double facades (double skin façade)

- Aluminium composite panel

Every day there is have some form of opening in the world.

it is very important in any sphere of life and for today it is

extremely necessary. With the help of new materials and

advanced technologies it is possible to achieve the highest

quality, practical and most importantly very cost-effective




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