Finishing works

Finishing work is a very important stage in the preparation

of the building erected to direct exploitation.

«Unico» nun tikinti və montaj işləri aşağıdakılardır:

Construction company has the ability to perform all kinds

of finishing works. Before finishing upon the customer’s request

our specialists develop a design project of the future

premises considering the future direction of the company,

the desired style and material possibilities.

Finishing works include:

- Plasterboard works (installation of walls. ceilings and


-Plaster works (plastering the walls of bricks or grouting of

the walls and ceilings made of prefabricated elements and

walls sheets of dry plaster and other

- Facing work (facing of walls with glazed or other tiles)

- Installation of plank floor, hardwood, linoleum etc

- Painting work (oil and glue painting, painting of synthetic

compounds on plaster, concrete, wood, metal, etc.)

- Papering, joinery, carpentry works etc.



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